I’ve never felt so angry while listening to Morphine
It was supposed to calm me down
It doesn’t seem to be working
I’m not the one with the problem
(Well, maybe I am)
But you’re the one with the boyfriend
Mediocre, no doubt
I told you to hit me up when you break up
It wasn’t a joke
Until then you might as well forget it.
You wonder why I never visited
Well, then as now, if you want me, you’d better let me know
Send a dispatch
I don’t care if it’s a pigeon or a packet
I’m not particular
But I know there’s nobody quite like me
And I think you know that, too.
I know it because I feel so utterly alone
But not lonely, usually
Until about 4 hours ago.
I’ll buy your drinks again
Money is a hollow pleasure
Two weeks ago I dreamt of a slick little coupe
Now I’ll buy that fucker and get out of town
More to forget than to enjoy
But where’s the line, anyhow?


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