Attention Deficit

“No one has the attention span for a novel these days anyway”
I tell myself
To rationalize just writing little things like this instead
Today I saw a sheriff’s office attached to a dollar store
I saw a motel consisting of ten garden sheds, in two rows of five
I saw apartments built onto the back of a large chain grocery store
I thought about Snow Crash
And I thought about Player Piano
How many of these humble bumpkins will have their lives upended by forces that are totally beyond their understanding?
How many already have?
I am enamored with the idea of being an imposter
Living among these people and observing
And, surely, being observed.
Because no matter what car I drive, no matter how much honeyed drawl I stir in,
An ingroup is keen to spot the other.
What a novel I could write, among these people!
But nobody has the attention span for a novel these days anyway
It is 4am and I have spent the past three hours in bed watching car videos on my phone
Meanwhile in Norway, a man busily writes the umpteenth volume of his widely acclaimed autobiography


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