I deserve to have a nice morning
I’m going to hit this bowl and make a burrito
You’re probably smoking a cigarette right now
Like a damn fool
Yesterday I didn’t care much, but today I awoke early again thinking of you
I’ll admit to feeling slighted, a little angry that you didn’t know what was good for you
But you deserve to be happy
Or do you?
It’s a notion so facile as to be meaningless.
I like to regale my friends with the etymology of the word “happiness”
How it comes from “hap” as in “happenstance,” as in chance
And the idea of pursuing it at all is as stupid as any idea of how it should be pursued.
I took a hit and I feel pleasantly fuzzy
Step one in my grand construction of a nice morning
More at peace in my delusions of infinite wisdom, I feel muddled and serene
I deserve nothing but the best
I deserve nothing


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